Using Scrolling Panels in eLearning

Woman with speech bubble of placeholder text followed by placeholder responses to choose from

Scrolling panels were the topic of this week’s eLearning challenge. Before today I had never actually used them, so I was happy to try something new. While my mind immediately jumped to a software simulation, I ended up going with a decision scenario involving a prompt with wordier responses. These longer responses would be impractical to write out on a screen altogether, so a scrolling panel would be the perfect space-saving solution.

The Method

When creating the interaction, I found it easier to build what I wanted, then put it into the scrolling panel when complete. I think a key to getting a conversation interaction right with scrolling panels is to make it very obvious that one of the speech bubbles is cut off. If I was to switch the position of response bubbles #2 & #3 below, it might not be clear that the learner should scroll down in order to read response #4.

Construction of scrolling panel responses within Articulate Storyline

In addition to the scrolling panel, I also had the opportunity to use two icons from the content library in Storyline 360. I definitely saved some time by using the content library rather than searching for icons or building my own. In future projects, I’d like to dig into the customization options of these icons.

The Result

Click here to see the full interaction.

Click here to download the .story file (Storyline 360).



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