Using an Interactive Timeline in eLearning

Butterfly and two bumblebees with title Supporting Pollinators in Wisconsin for interactive timeline interaction

I’ve wanted to build a short demo involving bees and their importance for quite some time now. This week’s eLearning challenge involves creating an interactive timeline, and I thought it would be a perfect match. My timeline is about halfway through the demo, and shows which native plants are blooming for pollinators during different months of the growing season.

The Method

To show this information, I used a combination of layers and states. I created a layer for each month (one button set), then I added three circles to allow learners to click through three different flowers for each month. I grouped those three circles as a button set, then added a second state of selected for each.

Once I had the structure in place, I went about building the flower pages themselves. Since you don’t have much control over objects while editing them in a state, I found it easier to do this on a spare slide and then copy them into the selected state when I had everything perfect. The structure is pretty straightforward once you have it figured out, but copying the pictures and text for 21 flowers was a bit tedious.

The demo is a bit more involved than what I would typically do for a challenge, but I love sharing this kind of information.¬†Watching bumblebees wander from plant to plant in my garden is one of my favorite summer activities. I even got to show off a few of my photos I’ve taken in this demo!

The Result

Click here to see the full interaction of the interactive timeline.

Click here to download the timeline tabs interaction .story (Storyline 2) file.


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