Using the Transparent Echo Technique

"Don't Throw It Out" Title with small cabbage in foreground and large faded cabbage in background.

Challenge #117 featured the transparent echo technique. This technique is when you take an image in the foreground, copy it, then make the copy much larger and transparent. This is a great way to fill up white space on a slide without distracting from the overall message of your slide. I was particularly interested in using Veggie Ipsum text, so I decided to make my project veggie-themed.


eLearning screen with five tabs and lorem ipsum text and a transparent echo image of a cabbage in the background


The Method

Using this visual technique was very easy. I started off with a neat cabbage watercolor vector image I found on Freepik. I used it in small, 0% transparency form on the title slide. I then made a copy of the image and placed it on the master template. I flipped the image vertically so the cabbage would be facing inwards. I then added a white rectangle that was 9% transparent. And that’s it! The rest of the interaction was three slides using buttons and layers to create a tab interaction on the last slide.

View in Storyline of the large echo image covered by a semi-transparent rectangle


The Result

Click here to see the full interaction.