Social Networking Infographic

Tablet with infographic about social networking sitting on desk next to teacup

I recently worked with a client on a short eLearning course about digital prospecting for their employees. As part of this project, we determined it would be useful to have a job aid. This job aid would refresh employees with social networking best practices days or weeks after they had completed the course. It would be especially beneficial in the early on in the employees’┬ácareers, when they haven’t yet established social networking routines.

Based on the employee’s needs and the technology at hand, we decided an infographic to be the best solution. This would be two pages, full-color, and viewed digitally.


The Method

I created the infographic in Affinity Designer, a program very similar┬áto Adobe Illustrator. Some visuals were created by hand, while others were sourced and then customized to fit the client’s brand. The infographic sums up the key points of social networking and includes a warning about what not to do on LinkedIn. Overall, this results in a very memorable way of delivering information to the client’s employees.


The Result

Take a look at the infographic below. I’ve scrubbed most of the client-specific text in the original infographic and replaced it with Lorem Ipsum text.

Infographic entitled Best Practices for Social Networking with fake text

Infographic with LinkedIn logo and fake text


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