A Guide to Writing More Effective Assessments

One area in which new instructional designers can struggle is assessment writing. This can be especially true for SMEs-turned-trainers-turned-instructional-designers. For a lot of us, we haven’t had any formal training in assessment writing, so we try to emulate the assessments we saw growing up in school. And it turns out most of those assessments weren’t that good.

I wanted to build a short course designed for those new to assessment writing. This course is based on principles I learned while helping to write two certification exams. The course itself is built in Articulate Rise, which allows for easy reference later on. I hope you find it useful! Feel free to share this with your colleagues; the more we can improve learning assessments, the more validation we can bring to instructional design and the impacts we make.

The Result

View the course here. I highly recommend reading the linked blog posts for extra information.


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