Creating Device Mockups in PowerPoint

Digital render of a classic Gameboy built in PowerPoint

Challenge #161 is about creating device mockup templates or placeholders using an tool like PowerPoint. You can use these mockups by themselvesĀ or filled in with a screenshot. I chose a number of devices to recreate, including a classic gameboy, a smartwatch, a TV for people without cats, and a movie theater screen.

The Method

I built these all in Powerpoint using mostly default shapes. I did have to edit the points on a few of them (namely the smartwatch’s band), but overall they were pretty quick to build. Take a look at Microsoft’s guide to merging shapes and editing points for more guidance on how you can create something like this using the default shapes.

The Result

Digital render of a digital camera built in PowerPoint

Digital render of a classic iPod built in PowerPoint

Digital render of a smart watch

Digital render of a television

Digital render of a movie theater with a placeholder for the screen

Click here to download the .pptx file if you’d like to use these in your next project.