A Guide to Writing More Effective Assessments

One area in which new instructional designers can struggle is assessment writing. This can be especially true for SMEs-turned-trainers-turned-instructional-designers. For a lot of us, we haven’t had any formal training in assessment writing, so we try to emulate the assessments we saw growing up in school. And it turns out most of those assessments weren’t […]

An Interactive and Searchable eLearning Glossary

This week’s eLearning Heroes Challenge was to build an interactive glossary. For this challenge, I decided to use a Spotify-inspired graphical treatment. This was fun for the demo, if not practical for an actual course. For the functionality, I wanted to build a glossary that has traditional browsing capabilities with the ability to search for […]

Toastmasters Website Walk-through Video

I’ve been in Toastmasters for two years. If you’re unfamiliar with it, Toastmasters an organization designed to help improve communication and leadership skills. Our club has a website separate from Toastmaster International’s site that allows members to sign up for roles on our agendas, get in touch with other members, etc.   The Problem When I […]