eLearning Layouts with the 2024 Pantone Color of the Year

A muslim woman standing next to a bulleted list with placeholder text

The Pantone Color Institute has released their Color of the Year for 2024- it’s a color called Peach Fuzz:

A color swatch of a light peach color

Every year there’s an Articulate eLearning Heroes Challenge for the color of the year, so I thought I’d participate in the yearly color challenge for the first time. I decided to create eLearning layouts rather than a sample course so I could have more flexibility for fun.

A Challenge

Besides not being wildly crazy about the color in general, my main concern when using it was color contrast. For normal-sized text, there’s not enough contrast to use the peach color on a white background- it’s just too hard to see!

Therefore, I decided to make a variety of layouts and used the peach color mainly as an accent, using it as text only when the font size was very large (and/or as a shade of the color rather than the color itself).

The Result

Gif of various layouts with placeholder text and peach-colored accents.

The eLearning layouts are nice and clean. They’re tied into the theme colors so you can easily swap out the peach color for something different. I used free graphics by Leni Kauffman called Fresh Folk in the layouts.

View the project or download the .story file to take use the layouts in your own project!


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